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nice to meet you!

I'm Hygienic Human. Strong and fun heroic character who allows you to open doors and push buttons without direct contact with hands.

My head acts as a token for shopping carts.


Granted design protection 08/2020  

EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office)


Hygienic Human - The multi-purpose keychain makes life more easier and safer

Small, practical and funny hero of many tricky situations. Its useful and cheerful elements meet the challenges of the time.

• Travels as a keychain effortlessly with you

• Find the keys easily in your purse or pocket, the limbs of the keychain will hook to your fingers

• Opens doors and water taps without touching them with hands

• Pressing buttons without touching them with hands is easy

• Head of it works as a token for shopping carts

• Made of recycled plastic in Finland

• Product withstands continuous use

To keep the Hygienic Human hygienic, we recommend daily cleaning. It can be washed well with soap and water or wiped with disinfectant.

Material: Recycled PP Plastic (black & grey 100%, other colors 30%)

Size: Height 90 mm / Width 75 mm / Thickness 6 mm

Weight: 0,015 kg


You can choose your own PMS color. 


Sales through distributors

Company info:

priotec-oy_logo-scaled (1)87.png

Priotec Oy is a plastic professional from Finland and our products are manufactured in our own factory in Kokkola, in west coast of Finland.


The high quality is guaranteed by actively managing the entire process from idea to design and production – specially adapted to the needs of our customers.


The capacity for the production of Hygienic Human is 15 000 pieces/day (factory size 4000 m² / certified according to ISO 9001)


Sales through distributors

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